What is a Self-Portrait?

A self-portrait is, in the most simple and broad description, a depiction of the self. This means any type of depiction (literal and physical/metaphorical), via any medium.

What is the “self-portrait” that we are focused on here at the ASP Community? Our mission focuses primarily on photography (though short video or gif expressions are generally welcome) and intends the subject of our artistic creations to be the actual self (in part or whole). This art is created by the same self that is in the image (assistance is fine, but the primary artist should be you, as well as the subject).

Simply put, for our purposes, a “self-portrait” is a photograph of you or part of you, created by you.

What about selfies?

A “selfie” is a spontaneous creation, mostly to document a condition, time, or place we are in, physically. An “artistic self-portrait” goes beyond this as it strives to do more, to go deeper, and usually requires more planning, skill, and effort than a “selfie.”

We hope you will join us in creating photographs of yourself that go ever deeper.