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This is the official website for The Art of Self Portraiture Community, a supporter of self-portrait artists, and host of Self Portrait Sunday

Our mission is to promote learning and sharing of artistic self-portraiture (here, specifically focused on photographs of the physical self, in part or whole, created by the self), an expressive and often evocative art form. This website serves updates and information to the public about The Art of Self Portraiture, a community of artists sharing creative self-portraiture so we can learn, grow, and inspire one another.

Not only do we explore different themes and concepts, but we share information about techniques and styles, BTS posts, and offer inspiration and motivation to those interested in starting or continuing their self-portraiture journey.

We share self-portrait images regularly via our social channels and host a weekly event called SELF-PORTRAIT SUNDAY (click for a list of dates and themes) intended to motivate participants to capture and share a current self-portrait. Consistency is key to growth.

Go Beyond the Selfie – express yourself by merging art, creativity, and photographing the self. Learn, grow, and celebrate artistic self-portraiture with us!

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